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Alberto Marrero, Colón, Matanzas, Cuba

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

If you’ve been a part of LOGOI’s family for any length of time, you know how we love Cuba. It is where the late Les Thompson, LOGOI’s Founder, was born and raised. It is where Elmer Thompson (Les’s father) founded a seminary called “Los Pinos” that LOGOI has had the joy of helping “re-open” with our supply of Bible resources, courses, and even adjunct professors. Los Pinos has trained and equipped hundreds of pastors throughout Cuba right now, today. Oh, yes, we love Cuba!

About 50 miles from Havana is the Los Pinos Nuevos Church of Colon (Mantanzas, Cuba). Here you will find Pastor Alberto Marrero, a self-described spiritual son of Les Thompson. “I am your Cuban Timothy,” he exclaims with great joy.

“Dr. Les,” Alberto says, “was my model of a pastor and preacher. He never knew how much he helped me.” He then explains how LOGOI’s Bible resources and courses continue to impact his life and ministry.

“My wife and I are graduates of FLET (LOGOI’s Bible school), and we constantly put to use what we have learned. It is true doctrine and part of

‘Los Pinos Nuevos’ training. We cannot express how much help you have been and continue to be to me and our ministry. Muchísimas gracias.” Pastoring a Cuban church means giving up the government allotted benefits such as food stamps, health insurance, and financial stipends of roughly 400 to 700 Cuban pesos per month ($17 — $30 per month). “Living by faith” takes on very real meaning in their lives and ministries as they struggle to survive financially, plus the terrible Coronavirus has made things even more difficult in Cuba.

Alberto expresses the thoughts and thanks for all the other Cuban pastors just like him who have been touched by LOGOI’s ministry; “Thank you, thank you, for your love for Cuba and for all of us Los Pinos Nuevos pastors. Your Bible resources help us so much in our ministries and in our personal lives. You are a gift from God, and only He knows how much we love you and are thankful for you.”

What a joy to be a part of Alberto’s life and ministry. Just think, there are over 400 more just like him throughout Cuba. Would you take a moment right now and pray for Alberto and other Cuban pastors? Of course, we say a big “thank you” to you for your faithful partnership, which enables us to help and serve “Albertos” throughout Cuba and the Spanish speaking world.



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