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Meet Rene Torres Villacorta, Curicó, Chile

The Fiestas de Vendimia (Harvest Festival) is held in March and April in popular wine valleys of the central region of Chile. These public grape harvest festivals are filled with wine tastings, culinary delights and grape stomping.

The harvest is indeed plentiful in the wine region of Curicó, but it’s not wine we’re talking about. Right in the center of this beautiful region is Colegio Cristiano Curicó, an evangelical K - 12 school educating boys and girls with godly values and principles.

Meet Rene Torres Villacorta, director and teacher at Colegio Cristiano. When he is not at the school, you’ll most likely find him at the church he pastors, Iglesia Cristiana Curicó. This very happy and busy disciple maker has also planted churches in Malargue, Argentina; Lima, Peru; Villa Alemana and Chiguayante, Chile as well as the Chiloé Islands. You will not be surprised then, to learn he is also the lead pastor of the Evangelical Pastor’s Association in the Curicó province.

Like a great many others, Rene first discovered LOGOI at a pastor’s conference led by our founder, the late Dr. Les Thompson. Les had a good sense of those he could call on to help coordinate and lead various aspects of LOGOI’s pastor conferences. A young Pastor Rene was one he called on in this center region of Chile and we can certainly see why.

Today, in addition to his ministries at his church and school, he is making plans for an evangelical radio show, “…because there is still a great lack of biblical and theological teaching and knowledge in our communities and churches.” He goes on to say how he hopes God will use him to “awaken the spiritual lives of our pastors’ sons and daughters— especially those who are adolescents and teens.”

Would you take a moment right now and pray for Pastor Rene? He specifically asks for prayer that the local churches will be strengthened in their faith and service during the pandemic and that there will be a spiritual awakening in the hearts and lives of the sons and daughters of local pastors. Those sound exactly like the things we should be praying for right here at home as well.


Your gifts are used to help train and equip national missionaries like Rene Torres Villacorta to help proclaim the Gospel and make disciples all over the Spanish speaking world. Now you know a little more about one of them.



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