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Rafael Hernández Vásquez, Santo Tomás, San Salvador, El Salvador

Would you like to live in the “Republic of The Savior?” Well you can; you simply need to move to El Salvador. Its official name is “República de El Salvador” which literally translates to “Republic of The Savior.” Today, however, this Central American country is making the news for the large number of immigrants fleeing the country in search of peace and prosperity. Life here seems to be a far cry from its beautiful name.

With a population of roughly 6.5 million, El Salvador is part of the “Northern Triangle” encompassing Honduras to the northeast, Guatemala to its northwest and the Pacific Ocean to its south. Migrants attempting the roughly 2,000-mile walk to the United States can take over three months to reach our borders.

Meet José Rafael Hernández Vásquez, an elder and Bible teacher at Iglesias de Jesucristo in San Marcos. God has enabled LOGOI to have an ongoing impact on Jose’s teaching ministry through our Bible classes and articles. “I share them with others as I teach,” he explains. “They are not only a great help and blessing to others, but they are a great help and blessing to me, too.”

Confronting and battling very difficult political unrest, violence, unemployment, poverty and a sense of hopelessness, thousands are choosing to leave their homeland and making the perilous trek seeking a better life. The stories are heartbreaking and the situation and circumstances are difficult to navigate. What should the local church do and how should they respond?

“It is very difficult here,” José explains, “all I know to do is keep serving my brothers and sisters with love and boldly proclaim the glorious Gospel of Jesus to all who will listen.” He continues, “It is very distressing to see so many in such difficult situations. The only true answer to our problems is Jesus.” He adds that “Bible training for our church leaders is a great need.”

Few of us would willingly trade places with José and the dire circumstances facing El Salvador. We thank the Lord and are so grateful he is serving right where God has placed him. Would you take a moment right now and pray for him? José asks: “Please pray that I will always live and behave under the will of God.”


Your gifts are used to help train and equip national missionaries like José to help proclaim the Gospel and make disciples all over the Spanish speaking world. Now you know a little more about one of them.



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