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Yarley García Cossio, Quibdó, Colombia

“Quibdó” is not only fun to spell and say — pronounced “kweeb-doh” with an emphasis on the “doh” — it is also the capital city of the Chocó Department in western Colombia with a population of some 130,000. (Note: a “department” is like one of our states in the U.S.)

It rains almost every day in Quibdó and is ranked as one of the “wettest” cities in the world. If you’d like to visit, we recommend going in July, the sunniest month, where you can expect roughly 135 hours of sunshine.

Yarley’s first encounter with LOGOI was at a pastor conference in Santa Marta some 20 years ago. “God used Les Thompson [LOGOI’s Founder] to impact my life,” Yarley explains. “He had a way of teaching that really helped me understand God’s Word. I remember he told a story about teaching one of his grandsons that what we deserve is hell, but instead, God gives us His grace.” (The story to which she refers is in our October 2021 letter.)

Then with a big burst of more “Son-shine,” Yarley continues, “LOGOI’s Bible course by Dr. Howard Hendricks, Teaching to Change Lives, made a great impact on my life when I first heard of LOGOI back at that pastor’s conference. What a great day it was when I rediscovered you online and was able to join your LOGOI family. I immediately subscribed and the first thing I did was read Dr. Hendricks’ book again. Glory to God for you servants at LOGOI who are leaving such a mark and pleasant aroma of Christ in so many places and lives—like mine.”

Wow! Would you please take a moment right now and ask the Lord to encourage and help Yarley and her family to keep beaming with sunshine for Christ? What a joy and privilege to be a part of Yarley’s life and ministry. We thank you for being a part of LOGOI’s family, where we get to help others shine brightly for Jesus.


Your gifts are used to help train and equip national missionaries like Yarley to help proclaim the Gospel and make disciples all over the Spanish-speaking world. Now you know a little more about one of them.



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