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July 2022 Prayer and Praise

The map of the Southern Hemisphere shows that only Colombia and Venezuela are in the Northern Hemisphere. That means for most of South America, their seasons are opposite ours. Their cold winter months are from May to July and their summer break from school is usually from December to February.

This means that right now, most of our students are experiencing winter. Our online Bible courses never care what season it is…they are available and open every day, anytime and anywhere. They stay busy raising children, working, connecting with family and friends and church. Just like us, life keeps moving right along. Please pray for our students sprinkled throughout South America and the totally unique places they live. They are such a wonderfully diverse group that it is impossible to make them fit a pattern…or season.

Isn’t it awesome to consider that in every hemisphere and season, God is at work fulfilling His eternal plans? What a thrill to know we are part of helping train and equip men and women to know our Lord and proclaim the Good News wherever they live and serve.

Please check our National Missionary of the Month to read and pray for some of those who love and serve the Lord. You will be blessed and encouraged.


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