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August 2023 Prayer and Praise

I wonder how often any of us think about getting food on our tables.

I have been in touch with a pastor in Cuba whose son has been inducted into the military and they hardly provide food for these young soldiers. The father said he lives close enough to take him food. Can you imagine a young man serving his country and not having food?

The pastor/father also told me how the evangelical church there is suffering because so many of their leaders have left Cuba in search of a better life somewhere else.

Pastor Alberto was so thrilled to hear from me that he said it was better than gold and he couldn’t say thank you enough. My “job” as Abuela Carolina of keeping in touch with our national pastors and leaders through the Spanish world is to be an encouragement as they serve the Lord in places we can hardly imagine.

Pray for our faithful brothers and sisters to not give up as they face so many hardships.


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