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December 2022 Prayer and Praise

I got my first heartwarming Christmas present. You may remember Pablo Osorio, my “grandson” in Ecuador. He is 20 years old now. And here is the joy-filled letter he wrote:

“Hello Grandma Carolyn,

“This year, I began to worship in a little pueblo called Patricia Pilar.In March, the pastor invited me to live with them and help them with their little tourist farm. I also have time to study in the seminary (where this pastor is a member of the board).God has blessed me so much to live with this beautiful family.

“The LOGOI books are helping me as I practice what I am learning. I have preached 4 times at our prayer service and now I am teaching biblical anthropology to a small group.

Thank you so much, Abuela. I appreciate you very much.

What a privilege it is to have a small part in Pablo’s life as he continues to train for the ministry! LOGOI’s work is such a blessing and gift to many, many thousands and Pablo is one of them. Thank you for continuing to pray for our LOGOI students like Pablo.


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