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December 2023 Prayer and Praise

Hearing from our national missionaries is a great joy and blessing. They are like Christmas presents year-round.

A man in Argentina spent a good part of his day downloading dozens of our resources and of course, I was curious. Who was this man? I wondered if he would answer.

And he did.

He blew me away with his story. He said he met my husband, Les, when he was very young at a pastor’s conference in Colombia where Les gifted him with a book. That was his introduction to LOGOI and he’s been using our Bible resources ever since. He is in the ministry and leads his denomination. The city where he is pastor is dangerous because of unemployment and crime. And yet, he said that people are searching for peace…and he has the answer.

So, Merry Christmas, Pastor Leder! And Merry Christmas to all of you who pray for LOGOI and men and women like this.


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