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Donna Wohlfert, Georgia, USA

“May we have permission to use some of your Bible materials for prison inmates?”

So began an email from Donna Wohlfert with Source of Light International Ministries based in Madison, Georgia. She went on to explain they were ministering to a group of Hispanic inmates, some who are frequently released and sent back to their respective countries.

“Praise God,” Donna explained, “they are returning as new creatures in Christ and want to take Jesus and all that they have learned back to their families!”

Donna lived in Mexico for 34 years where she first discovered LOGOI’s ministry. “I used many of your materials then,” she explained, “and I am glad to use them again now. I’m thrilled with all the great articles and subjects LOGOI has online.”

It took us about a second to reply that we would joyfully help in any way possible.

Donna explained, “Some of our students have family in the States but most are here illegally. Prison restrictions can be burdensome and often make for

sad situations for inmates. LOGOI material will be used

with men asking for prayer for their families who are soon to be released from prison.”

We are so grateful to the Lord for Donna and her ministry. What a joy and privilege to assist her, encourage her, and pray for her. It is a powerful reminder of God at work through His vast family. So, we ask you to please take a moment right now and pray for Donna, the Source of Light ministry, and the men and women who are returning to their homes and families as new creatures in Christ. What a joy to serve Christ together!


Your gifts are used to help train and equip national missionaries like Donna to help proclaim the Gospel and make disciples all over the Spanish-speaking world. Now you know a little more about one of them.



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