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July 2024 Prayer Request

This month I, Grandma Carolyn, will be going to the Hixson Presbyterian Church in Tennessee July 22-26 to be their VBS missionary storyteller. I have done this in the years gone by, but it has been a long time and I covet your prayers. Since I will be there, they have asked me to speak for an hour to an adult Sunday School class, (oh my goodness!) as well as give a short report in the morning worship service. 

Please pray that I will be able to clearly explain how much Jesus loves us and has special jobs for each one of us — that no one else can do. I truly miss my husband whenever I’m asked to speak because he was a great communicator and I just stood by to support him. But now it’s my turn and I am always a nervous wreck. I know God is always with me and goes before me, but I do covet your prayers for me this month. ¡GRACIAS!


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