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Leaping and Dancing Before the Lord

I wish I could dance.


I try, but I feel like that clunky robot from the 1965-1968 television show, Lost in Space. As I move around, I’m sure people are thinking, “Danger, Will Robinson, danger,” as I waddle around the floor.


My much better half, on the other hand, moves like Ginger Rogers. She loves to dance and when the music starts, she glides and sways with beauty and grace. Thankfully, she has pity on me and lets my small mechanical robot arms hold her, all while trying not to grimace when I step on her toes. She smiles and encourages me to keep going and lets me know how grateful she is that she doesn’t have to dance alone.


King David danced.


He was “leaping and dancing before the Lord” as the Ark of the Lord was returned to the City of David (2 Samuel 6:16). Verse 14 says, “David danced before the Lord with all his might.” Much like some of my good church friends, Michal, the daughter of Saul, didn’t care for it much and chastised him for his un-kingly dance. We also cannot overlook that there is a dark side of dancing. A very lurid example was when Herodias’ provocative and seductive dance led to the beheading of the Apostle John (see Mark 6:17-28).


Pastors dance.


I’m smiling as I think back on various trips to Latin America with my father. When attending a LOGOI graduation or conference, we always loaded up with various Bible resources we could give away to celebrate their achievements. One memory comes to mind as a pastor’s name was called to come forward and receive his diploma. He jumped up smiling from ear to ear. Then, like Gene Kelly, danced up to the stage to get his diploma. When we also handed him our beloved Guía Pastoral (Pastor’s Guide), he started a little dance right there on the stage, thanking God for such a wonderful gift. The rest of those stayed, conservative pastors froze in shock, then suddenly burst into applause. They all wanted to dance.


More recently, we got a message from Pastor David Dominguez in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After completing the first course of a free certificate program, David wrote:

"Hello, thank you very much for the courses you gave for free… it is a great blessing to study them and share them with others. I am a young man who is passionate about studying, but the courses are in foreign currency [US dollar] and the exchange rate in our country makes it almost impossible to pay. I will share these same teachings with the young people of my church so that these biblical teachings can also enrich those with little economic opportunity. I send you my warmest hug, and may God bless you. Every day, may you be a channel of blessing for everyone who loves His Word."


Dance like no one is watching.

Young people Dancing

Last month, I was in Key West, Florida for an overnight, romantic getaway.  A swarm of activity was taking place at Mallory Square as a large crowd gathered to watch the glorious Key West sunset. Taking advantage of the large crowd, a juggler on stilts was tossing his bowling pins, a magician was making playing cards appear and disappear, and musicians were singing and playing guitars. All hoped to earn tips for their “free” entertainment.


As we waited, I noticed an elderly couple dancing off to the side. They were swaying gently to the music from one of the guitar players. He spun her around in a slow twirl and even from a distance, you could tell they were beaming with love and joy. It didn’t matter one bit if their footwork wasn’t correct or if they missed a beat or two. They held each other and danced so freely… like no one was watching.


We need to dance more.


I don’t know about you, but I want to be more like that pastor dancing down the aisle to get his diploma. I want to be more like King David, so excited about what God is doing, we must dance. I want to be like that couple dancing at Mallory Square, so in love it didn’t matter what they looked like or who was watching. The Gospel message says I can.


Jesus said, “I came that you may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). The context is that our life with Jesus is the greatest thing that has ever happened. It’s like an invitation to dance with our Creator who gives so abundantly we are free to fully experience the joy, peace, and love He gives. Life with Jesus frees us to joyfully dance with our two left feet and enjoy each moment because of the immeasurable grace and love He has given us.


We are so grateful you are “dancing” with us through your prayers and financial support. We have just offered a free introductory series from our Bible Courses and already dozens of new pastors and teaching leaders have enrolled. They all need full $45 scholarships to cover their first set of Bible training courses. What a blessing it would be to have your help, encourage, and equip them to joyfully “dance” and proclaim the Gospel in their communities.


So, please keep dancing! And just in case we’ve never told you, you are a wonderful dancer.



An Unexpected Love Story, by Carolyn Thompson

Ed Thompson

P.S. You can download a copy of An Unexpected Love Story here. Add to cart and complete a brief form. You will then be able to download a PDF version of the book. Contact us for a printed version.


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