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LOGOI's International Mighty Men & Women of Valor

Photos of the Swiss city of Bern look like magnificent works of art. Many consider this ancient city (founded in 1191) as one of the most beautiful in all the world.

Most of us would never think of Bern as home to one of LOGOI’s Spanish-speaking national missionaries. But yes, we have one there and his name is Cristóbal.

Cristóbal represents the majority of our LOGOI National Missionaries. We know his name, location and the various items he is downloading from our online Bible resource center, but that’s about it. We are writing him hoping to get more information about him and his Spanish ministry there, but so far, this is all we know.

Such is the case with the majority of our 30,000+ national missionaries. We’d love to know all about their lives and ministries, but often all we get are these little snippets of information. It reminds me of the list of David’s “mighty men of valor” found in 2 Samuel 23. Wouldn’t you love to know more about:

Joseheb-basshebeth from Tah-chemon known as Adino, the Eznite. He’s listed as one of the “top three” of the most heroic men in David’s army, but that’s just about all we know. Benaiah, son of Jehoiada, a heroic soldier from Kabzeel who killed two giants. I imagine he has some great stories to tell.

A list of 37 names completes the chapter of these “great men of valor” but all we get, with few exceptions, are their names.

While we know very little about Cristóbal and thousands of others, we know full well their desire to study and know our Lord better so they can more effectively proclaim the Gospel.

Of course, we cannot compare our folks with the incredible heroes of the Bible, but we are proud to give you a taste of just few of LOGOI’s “Mighty Men and Women of Valor” list:

  • Emanuel, a youth worker in Mexico whose day job is in sports medicine;

  • Silvana, a seamstress in Ecuador who helps with counseling;

  • Gisela, a nurse in Argentina;

  • Erick, a man in Rome who is studying “God’s Plan in the Old Testament”;

  • Mariela, a physical therapist in England;

  • Jaime, a blacksmith in Mexico who loves to teach and preach;

  • Porfirio, a businessman and pastor in Germany.

Like David’s “Mighty Men of Valor,” each missionary on our list — and thousands more like them — no doubt has an amazing life and ministry story to tell. We will just have to wait until we meet them face-to-face in God’s presence. What a thrill that will be!

Fortunately, we do get to know some of them and love to share bits of their stories with you. Just click on Missionaries on our home page to find quick stories about some of our “Amazing National Missionaries of Valor.” You will be encouraged.

Your prayers and financial partnership are so appreciated, important and needed. We know you pray and give because you love the Lord and want to be a part of proclaiming the Good News. That is what happens when you invest in LOGOI’s ministry. So we always joyfully and boldly ask you to invest generously in the ministry God has given us here at LOGOI, as we help and encourage so many “men and women of valor.”


Ed Thompson President, LOGOI Ministries


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