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March 2023 prayer and praise

We often have mixed emotions about pastors and leaders who have found a way to leave Cuba in search for a better life. They have powerful impacts for the Gospel in their local Cuban communities. Starting over in a new country is full of difficulties. Most pastors and leaders who are part of our LOGOI family who have been able to get out of Cuba have young families. We hear their sad stories and it breaks our hearts. It is understandable why they are willing to abandon everything and flee. Here are two:

  • National Missionary Rayda Ortega and her family fled to Dubai where her brother works. The cultural shock was very difficult for them -- especially for their 14 year old son. They were desperate to relocate anywhere in Latin America. We don’t know how they did it, but they are now living in Nicaragua. While we can only imagine their struggles and journey, they tell us they are very thankful to be there.

  • National Missionaries Orel and Oraidys Diaz have recently relocated to the USA. They are now faced with the difficulties of becoming legal residents and finding work. What they now have is freedom, a new beginning, and opportunities for their 13 and 20 year old daughters.

What terrible struggles … and for multitudes of others we know nothing about. Would you join me in prayer for these much-loved Cuban servants of the Lord who have taken drastic measures? We don’t pretend to know the answers, but God does.


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