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May 2023 Prayer and Praise

I am repeating myself, but I can’t help it. I just returned from visiting my son, Dan, and his wife for five very blessed days. When I sat back down to catch up with LOGOI's work, I found 13 different pastors and teachers had visited our website and downloaded many resources, half of them new to LOGOI's resources, including a Bible professor in Italy.

Colombia (2 pastors: Pastor Yhon got 17 resources!) Orlando, Florida Ecuador

Puerto Rico (2 pastors)



Chile (2 pastors)


Guatemala Reading, Pennsylvania

I am constantly amazed to see the numbers of Spanish pastors and leaders who use our online Bible resource center.

Please join me in joyful thanks for being able to assist and encourage so many throughout the Spanish world –– most of them in places we will never be able to visit. God has placed faithful men and women throughout the world to proclaim His Name, and we get to be part with some of them.


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