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November 2023 Prayer and Praise

Helping equip and encourage National Missionaries throughout the world means we can enjoy all sorts of great things happening at the same time. For example, we received graduation photos from Placetas, Cuba as well as from Flushing, New York. We think that is absolutely awesome and think you'll agree.

The 11 New York graduates completed 16 courses over the past couple of years. What faithfulness they have shown. Then, way down in Cuba, 29 graduated from their Bible course studies through LOGOI. As pastors and leaders, the investment in their lives and Bible training multiplies over and over again as they take what they learn and go into their communities to proclaim the Gospel.

We thank the Lord for these wonderful graduates who have stayed the course to continue serving the Lord. Please join us in praying that they will boldly and joyfully follow God’s direction as the as they proclaim the Gospel in their communities.


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