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October 2022 Prayer and Praise

THANK THE LORD with us that Lázaro, our national missionary and evangelist in Cuba with a vibrant ministry using sports, is faithfully working on his Bible course and is overjoyed. Lazaro, along with several others on his team are grateful to be learning so much about the Lord they love and serve. He is recovering from Dengue Fever (from mosquitoes) and Sepsis. What a time he has had, but he is rejoicing in the Lord that he is finally free of pain and improving daily.

THANK THE LORD with us as we introduced the children’s Bible lessons on our website in September. “Gracias, maravilloso material,” appeared almost immediately after it was posted. Pray that God will use these lessons written by one of our National Missionaries to help many young children grow in faith and joy in the Lord and bring others to a saving faith in Jesus.


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