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October 2023 Prayer and Praise

The Christian school in Santa Marta, Colombia -- Colegio Cristiano Integral -- has registered 24 new students this school year. They are 9th, 10th and 11th graders and each grade takes a different course as they move forward.

If you have followed the prayer requests over the years, you will recognize this special school and the desire of the faculty to give their students sound Bible training along with the rest of their studies. So I ask again for your faithful prayers for these future Colombian leaders: young men and women who know Scripture and have hearts for God. It’s very exciting to consider how God will use them in the days ahead.

On their website, they have several statements regarding their goals and hopes for their students. Here is one I’ve summarized:

“Under the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we foster the formation of a generation with the character of Christ, people of integrity, with Christ-centered principles and values, of academic excellence, with the spirit of leadership…”

What an honor and privilege LOGOI has to help Colegio Cristiano Integral train their students to know God and His Word.


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