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April 2024 Prayer and Praise

The latest news regarding members of our LOGOI Cuban family. Reminders of real struggles with real people who really love the Lord.

From Lázaro, sports evangelist: 

“Please pray for us because tonight (March 6) we have a meeting with the members of our ministry and we will choose a new president even though I am not able to leave with my family. God is working with me about my family and that we can be together.”

March 18:

From Rayda in Quebec, Canada:

“(As refugees) We have many challenges but also victories.  Felipe is now serving as assistant pastor in the food bank of our church where they have accepted his limited French (4 months of study so far). He has also passed his first driving exam even though we cannot afford a car. Son Caleb struggles with loneliness and yet is tender to the things of God. I am not doing very well with French so far, but I am keeping at it so we can serve the Lord here.”

Thank you for your continued prayers.


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