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May 2024 Prayer and Praise

Did you know South and Central America are suffering severe draught?  Electricity is being rationed. Farming and food scarcity are insecure. The economies are reeling. It is another reason for migration of people. 


Life-time missionaries from Colombia have been with me for a few days and they tell me Venezuela is worse than Cuba ever was!  And Colombia (their country) is reeling from poor leadership.  I’ve hardly heard any good news from them while they were here with me.Our world is not well.


But those who love the Lord and His Word are faithfully carrying on…we get to help and encourage over 32,000 of them with our LOGOI resources.  I’ve just watched a man from Peru download a wealth of materials to have and use…for free. 


How thankful we are for people like you who are helping make it possible for so many biblical materials to be freely available so that these men and women can be encouraged and continue on.


¡Muchisimas gracias, amigos!


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