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Eva Navarro, Sutiaba, Nicaragua

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

It would be difficult to find the Nicaraguan barrio of Sutiaba on any “must visit” travel guides. It's number one attraction is a restored Catholic Church originally built in the 1530s. The city is best known as an “indigenous stronghold.” About 49,000 people live there.

But in this little barrio lives Eva Navarro, a rather remarkable lady who we are very happy to introduce to you.

Eva first came to our attention when one day (as so often happens) she began downloading dozens and dozens of LOGOI Bible resources. That always gets our attention. So, before Eva could download another dozen or so, our super sleuth, Grandma Carolyn, was hot on the scene to learn more.

The first thing to know is Eva is a wife, mother of four adult children, grandma to five, a theology professor, and a social worker. (I’m worn out just thinking about that.) Her husband is the pastor of their little Sutiaba church plant and is he’s also the town’s veterinarian. They are true “national missionaries” who support themselves financially and go about their calling with little (if any) support from outside their local community. The barrio where they serve is particularly poor and they are greatly affected by very high rates of violence, suicide, and teen pregnancies.

Eva said, “I never stop using LOGOI resources. Everything is a great help to our work in discipling and teaching.” In particular, they are ministering to abandoned women and children and those caught in violent situations. The members of their little church are also providing meals and sharing God’s love with over 30 neighborhood children. “We love telling them Bible stories so they can learn about Jesus.” Since many cannot read, they are memorizing them so they can tell them to others. We are so honored to be a part of Eva’s ministry.

We are absolutely thrilled we can help provide her with free, trusted, put-into-action Bible resources and helps. We get to do so as she and her husband dedicate their lives and talents to proclaiming the name of Jesus to the Sutiaba people. It’s hard to think of a better $5 investment.


Your gifts are used to help train and equip national missionaries like Eva to help proclaim the Gospel and make disciples all over the Spanish-speaking world. Now you know a little more about one of them.



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