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Luis Alejandro Alvarado Dolly, Iquitos, Peru

Luis Alejandro Alvarado Dolly knows how to get around in a dugout canoe. He’s been navigating through a maze of Amazon River tributaries in the northern part of Peru his entire life. More often than not, he’s using these impressive hollowed-out tree trunks to deliver the Good News to villagers in the jungles of Peru. “Dugout canoes are how we get to the villages so we can teach and preach and share the Gospel to all who will listen,” Luis writes. “There is no greater joy than to see lives transformed when they accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.”

Luis has been teaching and preaching his entire adult life but says he needs to keep learning and studying as he proclaims the Gospel. He has finished his first course with FLET and is gladly putting into practice what he has learned. Most of his ministry is along the Amazon River and its tributaries, including Ucayali, Marañón, Nanay, and Momón. There are no roads which lead to many of these areas, and thus traveling on the river is the only way to get there to reach and train pastors and leaders.

Luis Alejandro and his family Luis and his wife, Naomi, are very grateful to be part of LOGOI’s family. He says he especially enjoys communicating with our very own “Grandma Carolyn,” who helped pay for his first FLET Bible course.

What a joy to help, equip, and pray for these dedicated national missionaries who are proclaiming the Good News in rugged, hard-to-reach areas. May God richly bless Luis, who has spent his life forging up and down the sparsely populated Amazon. Perhaps you would like to sponsor one of the pastors or teachers Luis is training. Just contact Grandma Carolyn. She’ll explain how.


Your gifts are used to help train and equip national missionaries like Luis Alejandro to help proclaim the Gospel and make disciples all over the Spanish-speaking world. Now you know a little more about one of them.



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