March 2022 Prayer and Praise

It’s always so good to take a moment to remind you how God is using your prayers and investments with our national missionaries. I have the joy of keeping in touch with them and am usually one of the first to receive updates and news. For example:

  • I just received a message from Lázaro in Cuba. He sent along 30+ pictures of those he is impacting through his sports outreach ministry. He is an evangelist to children and young people and we love sharing in his excitement and joy of God at work.

  • Beatriz in Mexico has a powerful ministry helping those who have suffered from divorce and separation to know God’s love and peace. She now has over 7,000 followers as she celebrates 5 years of her ministry called “Beginning Again” (Reiniciando-me). She uses LOGOI’s Bible resources extensively and has finished 5 of our courses.

  • Compassion International: 178 Bolivian national missionaries working with Compassion International have finished their biblical counseling courses. Over 300 are enrolled so we are thrilled so many have already completed their studies.

Please pray for Lazaro, Beatriz and these Compassion International national missionaries as they joyfully and powerfully proclaim the Gospel right where God has placed them.


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