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Merry Christmas

We can’t think of a better way to end each year than celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior — no matter what strange and confusing circumstances surround us. Is there a more glorious thought than knowing He came just for you and me?

So, on behalf of over 29,000 pastors and leaders who are part of our LOGOI family, Merry Christmas! Thank you for being a part of proclaiming the wonderful Good News of Jesus.

P.S. You may recall LOGOI’s founder, Dr. Les Thompson, was a wonderful singer and recorded several albums. I have enjoyed continuing his love of music and was very happy to re-record one of his favorite melodies as a Christmas gift for you. You can download both.

"En El Valle"

Link: Les Thompson,

Link: Ed Thompson, CroonerEd,

Give a Christmas donation to provide Bible resources and training to LOGOI's pastors and leaders.


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