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Stunned and Thankful

On LOGOI’s Instagram account (yes, you should follow @logoiministries), we recently posted this quote from Charles Spurgeon: “Here is the history of the grass—sown, grown, blown, mown, gone; and history of man is not much more.”

If there are a few years on you, the truth of Spurgeon’s quote hits right between the eyes.

Maybe you can relate to this grandma who once said “I’m rich! I have silver in my hair, gold in my teeth, crystals in my kidneys, sugar in my blood, iron in my arteries, and an inexhaustible supply of natural gas!”

So, as you are busy “getting richer” like the grandma above, I want to share some wonderful news — and a Thanksgiving challenge.

Five years ago, we learned one of our faithful ministry partners had passed away. She had spent her life as a public-school teacher in West Virginia. She had first met my father, Les Thompson, way back during one of his missionary furloughs from Cuba and then, years later, both my mom, Carolyn, and my dad were able to visit her during a missions conference at her church. “Her house was full of trinkets and memorabilia from her many years of teaching,” Carolyn remembers. “I was charmed by her, knowing that she most certainly was one of those beloved schoolteachers one never forgets.”

After she went home to be with the Lord, we received a letter stating she had mentioned LOGOI in her will and there was a check for a modest sum, which fit perfectly with how we knew her. Of course, we were so very thankful. A few weeks ago, the phone rang. It was a November 2021 lawyer representing her estate. We were a bit confused when the lawyer explained they had just completed the probate on her estate and wanted to confirm LOGOI’s address to send a second check in the five-figure range. We were stunned! We had no idea this lovely teacher had accumulated any wealth. We were already so grateful to the Lord for what she had done. But here she is, five years after her life on earth was done, giving a substantial gift to the Lord via LOGOI (and no doubt several others) because of some simple estate planning. Her planning will provide Bible training, resources and encouragement to hundreds and hundreds of national missionaries — far more than she ever accomplished in her many years of faithful support. What a thrill!

Just like this faithful teacher, most of us do not need any fancy or expensive will and estate planning. Most of us would simply need to state that we would like “__X__” percentage or dollar amount of our estate to go to LOGOI (and others) after we move into our new home with Jesus.

Our “Thanksgiving Challenge” to you as you give thanks to the Lord for the blessings He gives us each and every day, is to prayerfully consider what you will do with the last “love letter” you will write. As a reference, information is included below regarding how to prepare a “Simple Bequest” for your last “love letter.” What a thrill to see God’s hand in caring for LOGOI’s ongoing ministry. One day, a host of pastors and teaching leaders will get to thank our sweet teacher from West Virginia for her love letter face-to-face. It will be stunning!


P.S. Click HERE to support LOGOI's on-going mission throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

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