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January 2024 Prayer and Praise

Hello 2024.


2023 was amazing! Our outreach continues to grow and we are challenged to keep up with all who want to study and download our Bible resources.


So, just to make it more challenging, we offered one of our Bible courses for free. It was a Christmas gift from LOGOI — and you. You may remember we offer our Bible courses for $15 per course and if someone wants to study who is unable to pay the $15, we offer a discount all the way to “free.” We will never turn anyone down who wants to study God’s Word.


It should come as no surprise that we have been inundated with people enrolling for this free Bible certificate program. It’s a beautiful thing to see pastors and leaders around the world sign up. Even a Spanish pastor in France signed up! How fun.


Your financial backing and, of course, your prayers help make all this possible. Now, please pray that we can keep up with all these new enrollments and course work. Also, please join us in prayer as we hold them responsible to follow through and finish their assignments. (We all know how easy it can be to become distracted. We want them to finish what they start.)


Also, I’m very excited to have written my “love story” about my adventures marrying Les, a widowed missionary with three boys.  It is available this new year. Please join me in prayer that it will encourage readers to walk faithfully with the Lord.


Let’s rejoice and be glad that God is at work around the world.


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