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Meet César Andrés Camejo Gotopo, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Life is like a mustache," the saying goes. "It can be wonderful or terrible, but it always tickles." And as far as mustaches go, this month's Missionary of the Month sports a thick and impressive boxed beard and mustache that competes with his brother's handlebar mustache.

Meet César Andrés Camejo Gotopo. He's a gregarious twenty-eight-year-old who loves Jesus, is full of life, has some terrific goals and dreams, and is one of LOGOI's wonderful national missionaries.

César lives in Maracaibo, the second largest city in Venezuela with a metro population of over 5.2 million. The Universidad del Zulia boasts of being the best in all of Venezuela and is known for its law, engineering, and medical schools. But like the rest of Venezuela, however, Maracaibo has been hit hard with political discontent, skyrocketing hyperinflation, and shortages of food and medicine. Life can be very difficult in Venezuela, and finding a bright, shining light to celebrate is a joy for all.

"I am the oldest of two brothers," César says, "and by God's grace, we were born into a pastor's home. I have been involved in church activities for as long as I can remember. Like many others, I had a crisis of faith, wondering if Jesus really was who he said he was. The Lord used apologetics [the defense and proof of Christianity] to strengthen my faith with overwhelming certainty of who Jesus is."

Professionally, César is in marketing for his career and is a very active part of his church's youth ministry and praise team. He explains their church is in a troubled and poor area known for drug abuse, prostitution, and alcoholism—very sadly even among pre-teens. "Among these people," César says, "is a church full of people who love the Lord and are passionate to share His love."

"LOGOI," César continues, "is helping us obtain biblical studies God is using to help us serve the church in our city and provide discipleship for the young university students who are Christians." It is no surprise that César's favorite topic is apologetics. "One of my goals is to organize a ministry of apologetics and biblical discipline that will serve the church in general."

Will you take a moment right now and pray for César? Specifically, he asks that "the Lord will use me in the manner he chooses, that His will may be done, and that I will heed the call that He makes." What a great prayer for each one of us, too — whether or not we have a great mustache.


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