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Miguel Ramírez Mariano - Chihuahua, México

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Chihuahua is a prominent state in Mexico, sharing the southern borders of New Mexico and Texas. In happier times, Chihuahua was known for its livestock production, silver mining, and one of the smallest and oldest dog breeds in the Americas.

Sadly, Chihuahua has become one of Mexico’s most dangerous states and tops the charts in violent crime. While government actions have helped improve safety, “Level 4: Reconsider Travel” advisories remain in effect primarily due to “crime and kidnapping.”

But right in the middle of Chihuahua’s state capital (also known as Chihuahua) is Pastor Miguel Ramirez Mariano, who boasts he married the “most beautiful woman in all the world,” Liliana Chavarri Ocampo. God has given them two sons: Miguel David (22) and Diego Ivan (17). Together, they serve the Iglesia Bautista Jerusalem in the city of Chihuahua.

“God called us here in 2018 after the Lord Jesus pardoned and rescued us from a life out of control and without hope in 2008.” He goes on to explain that after struggling and resisting God’s call, they studied theology at their Southern Baptist Seminary and graduated with honors in 2016. They then served as missionaries with the Purapecha Indians and other communities through the Baptist church and helped plant two churches that continue to this day.

“We see a lot of migrants trying to get to the United States,” Miguel explains. “It is our joy to offer spiritual help, moral help, and even places to stay while we proclaim the Gospel to them. We also have an evangelism ministry involving 50 local pastors called 'Fiesta de Vida Juarez.' We are taking the Gospel directly to the people of our communities through a Mega Evangelism and Church Planting Campaign. Our goal is to develop a team in each Baptist church to plant a daughter church so that we will plant 100 churches by 2024.”

There is not enough room in this short introduction to tell you all of Pastor Miguel’s goals and plans. We cannot help but marvel how God has placed him in such a dangerous location — a place where most would fear to live — yet he joyfully, confidently, and fearlessly moves forward in God’s grace and peace boldly proclaiming the Gospel to all who will hear.

What a privilege we have at LOGOI to help such a man. Please take a moment right now and not only ask for God’s protection for Miguel and his family but that the Gospel will explode in Chihuahua, bringing much-needed joy and peace.


Your gifts are used to help train and equip national missionaries like Miguel to help proclaim the Gospel and make disciples all over the Spanish-speaking world. Now you know a little more about one of them.



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